Dean of Earth and Environmental Sciences Institute 

Dr. Sura Al-Harahshah



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Since the 1993, the establishment year of Al Al-Bayt University, the University has worked to achieve the ultimate goal that has been set for this University by the Hashemite leadership to be a University that links both the religious studies and the human studies. This is to serve the local community and the Environment. Based on that and due to the unique location of the University on the edge of the Jordanian Badia which have enormous natural resources, particularly groundwater, the University has established a special unit that deals with the water issues and monitoring pollution. This unit has been provided by scientists, researchers and advanced laboratories.


This effort has led to the establishment of the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences (IEES) in 2001. The institute started with an M.Sc. program in water and environmental resources and then a B.Sc. program in applied geology and environment sciences.


The IEES also participates in relevant national and international conferences, workshops and seminars. The IEES provides some services to the local community through training courses in the fields of water, environment, GIS and remote sensing. It also provides some technical support to the industrial sector in the Mafraq governorate.


The IEES is aiming to development his academic program, such as GIS and remote sensing, water and environment and raw materials preparation. This is to accompany the economic development and the local markets needs, especially if we know that Mafraq is witnessing a qualitative economic development after the Royal decree that declared Mafraq as a special economic zone which is expected to have several industries which eventually need qualified personnel in all fields.



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